SECO India


  • Annunciators
  • Hooters & Buzzers
  • Earth Leakage Relay
  • DC Failure Alarm Relay
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator

Annunciators SECO IndiaFeatures

  • High speed Microcontroller based design for accuracy
  • RS232 communication with GUI(Graphical User Interface)
  • ABS plastic enclosure
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Fail proof H/W and S/W

hooter & buzzer SECO IndiaFeatures

  • Advanced fail proof piezo technology
  • High Volume Audio output
  • Multi tone selection
  • Audio ‘ON’ LED indication
  • Wide range of input supply

ELR SECO IndiaFeatures

  • High speed Microcontroller design for consistent reliability with high accuracy
  • Trip current and time setting by dip switches
  • Wide range in current and time setting
  • Healthy, Faulty and Trip indication by LED’s
  • Built in TEST facility to check healthiness of the unit

alarm relay SECO IndiaFeatures

  • Static Design
  • DC Failure Indication by High bright LED
  • Built in test & accept push buttons
  • Built in audible alarm
  • Suitable for wide range of DC supply

AVR SECO IndiaFeatures

  • Micro controller based design
  • Wide range of Aux, supply
  • Continuous Line Voltage display
  • Wide range of Nominal voltage setting
  • Wide range of Dead Band setting

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